Create Money-Making Articles From Texts In the Public Domain

The very best ideas for making money really fast focus on writing short pieces, such as articles or product reviews that recommend readers buy something that earns you commission or which helps sell one of your own products.

This is usually accomplished in the resource box for your finished article or report, or other written piece, or in a link on your own or someone else’s web site.

Writing without money-making incentive is time-wasting and totally unproductive, so always write with some money-making end result.

These ideas will help you get started, you must add the monetising element like AdSense or other affiliate opportunity:

# Go to a major article directory where almost all feature most successful authors and most frequently viewed articles. Go look at most frequently viewed articles sorted by category, such as: Pets, Auctions, Article Writing. Study ten or more of the most frequently viewed articles. Choose two or three topics from most frequently viewed articles and create an article using information from the public domain (reshape and rewrite it as much as possible) that appeals to a wider audience than achieved individually by any of those original articles.

So for example, if an article about hair styles has been viewed 10,000 times, and another about wedding dresses has been viewed 20,000 times, and another about getting married in Hawaii has 23,000 views, it follows that your article ‘Hair Styles and Dresses for Hawaiian Weddings’ will attract proportionately many more thousands of visitors from across a broader range of topics.

For your new article, find or create a product to interest people reading your article about hair styles and dresses for weddings in Hawaii and add your affiliate or product selling links to the resource box for your article. For directories that don’t allow affiliate links in your resource box invite people reading your article to visit your blog or web site to click on your product links. Alternatively, you could offer a free report about getting married in Hawaii which ends with links to products to interest your readers. PDF format reports can be read online and can include active links direct to your chosen selling sites.

# Create one long report from an item in the public domain, look for something about 10,000 words long, and divide it into two equal parts. Add the second part to your blog or web site. The first part which introduces the subject and leads to the second part at your site should now be cropped into short self-contained articles, no less than 350 words each. Those fifteen or so articles should be uploaded to top article directories like and, each with a resource box directing visitors to the site featuring part two of the report where you are also promoting books and other products, either your own products or affiliate company promotions, and other chosen monetising elements, such as AdSense or ClickBank affiliate products.

# Create articles from public domain tests about virtually any subject you fancy, thousands of them if you like, add them to major directories, and link each resource back to sites featuring thousands of products earning a commission for you on every sale. Useful examples are Amazon and ClickBank.

These multiple product sites usually feature a search box where visitors key in their subject and they are presented with a choice of products they might buy and generate commission for you.

# Create your articles in two parts, each self-contained so no one reading part one feels cheated if they lack time or don’t make it through to part two of the article on your own web site or blog where it sits side-by-side with monetising features such as your own products or AdSense or other affiliate promotions such as those mentioned in the last tip. fancy text generator copy and paste

The resource box of the first part of the article must give a very good reason for readers to click through to read the rest of your article. This is usually accomplished by making your articles very informative, enjoyable to read, packed with information, preferably with a cliff hanger ending that forces the reader to click on your redirection link.

# Take a book from the public domain and treat chapters as separate articles. Choose carefully and you will probably be able to use them more or less untouched. Upload articles as separate posts to a blog focussing on the topic of the book. At the blog include keywords to attract search engine visits and to generate AdSense commissions.

# Create your own books or get them from the public domain or as Public Label Rights products and split them into separate sections, preferably incomplete and ending mid sentence. Break the sections at interesting points which leaves the reader wanting to know more. Upload five or six hundred words per page running consecutively through the main book via pages 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., on your web site. Have each page linked to the next page in the sequence.

This constant clicking through is perceived by search engines as a site providing truly vital information that keeps people reading and interacting and this constant clicking will lift your site high in search engine listings.

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